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Our environmental commitments


We are a campsite
which conserves the planet


Our ecological campsite is committed to sustainable development and protection of the environment.

Our aim is to reduce the environmental consequences of our tourist activity upon the elements which surround us.

Nantes Camping has the Clef Verte label.


Discover in a few lines what our initiatives are.

Limit energy consumption

Our holiday-hire accommodation and communal areas are fully equipped with low-energy light-bulbs.

To ensure both an insulation efficiency and energy efficiency, our buildings have all been constructed according to BBC standards (the French standard for buildings with low energy consumption).

Our accommodation is equipped with a system which automatically switches off lights when our residents leave their accommodation at any given time.

The electrical equipment for our holiday hire and other facilities are classified as energy efficient category A or A+..

Reducing the use of water

All of our sanitary facilities and accommodation are equipped with water-saving devices with adjustment provided for flow and temperature. The showers are also equipped with a timer.

Rainwater comes from the roofs and is collected in a 20 m3 reservoir to ensure that the green spaces on our ecological campsite continue to be watered.

Our team is trained to both detect and repair leaks quickly.

We have installed individual meters in each holiday-hire accommodation to accurately monitor water and electricity consumption.

Reducing waste production

All services are carrying out selective sorting.

Sorting bags and a dedicated area are available to staff and our clientele.

The hazardous waste is stored separately, and collected by specialist recycling companies.

Favouring the use of renewable resources

For our facilities, we have favoured natural materials.

The detergents that we use have a ecological certification.

The campsite’s green spaces are fully maintained without using pesticides.

The use of pest repellents against harmful animals and insects is kept to an absolute minimum.

Behaving responsibly towards the environment

Swap your car for a two-wheeler, thanks to our bicycle hire service.

At reception, one of our receptionists will show you the public transport options.

Instead of sending you mail in paper format, we favour e-mails.

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