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Serenity formula in detail

de la Boissière
du Doré

Zoo la Boissière du Doré - Tiger

Only 30 minutes from Nantes, go out and discover wildlife comprising more than 70 species. You can observe these spectacular animals, from every continent, partially roaming free, from the large wooden walkways which extend over the animal enclosures.


In addition to a thematic tour of the animals, your children will be filed with wonder by an exceptional show of more than 200 birds upon which there is a commentary by trained falconers. A feeding session is organised every day by the zoo keepers. This is the ideal opportunity for your children to approach the animals as close as they possibly can.


The mini-farm located close to the restaurant enables the younger ones to make a fuss of the domestic zoo creatures. This includes goats, miniature donkeys, pigs and rabbits.

Zoo la Boissière du Doré - Otter
Zoo la Boissière du Doré - Lemur

Interacting with wild animals




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