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Planète Sauvage

Planète Sauvage - Tiger

Only 15 minutes from Nantes, plunge into the heart of the savannah at Planète Sauvage (the Wild Planet) thanks to a safari trail of 10 km. The latter can be completed by car. This is ideal for getting as close as possible to the 1000 animals (including giraffes, rhinos, lions, zebras and elephants) which are maturing within this area, where wild animals are on show. Next cover the 4 km pedestrian track through the brush path and the Inca trail, to discover other animal species.


Continue this out-of-the-ordinary experience by going towards the Cité Marine. This aquatic area allows to you to see aquatic shows in the company of dolphins several times per day. Remember to take the underwater gallery which is 1 000 metres long to discover the world of cetaceans.


Owing to the various pricing options offered by the zoo, one enables you to become a trainer for a day. Accompanied by an animal guide, discover this incredible occupation by helping the keepers present in the park carry out their daily duties.

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