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Puy du Fou

Le Puy Du Fou - Le signe du triomphe

The ball of the phantom birds, the lovers of Verdun, the Richelieu musketeers – they are all there. So many live shows which take you back in time through the history of France. Thanks to the imposing scenery and the dazzling actors, you will experience an out-of-the-ordinary adventure! Travel the alleyways of entirely reconstructed villages and do not hesitate to stop when at the turning point of a given crossroads, either to listen to traditional music or fill you with wonder at a magic show.


Come the evening, you can continue the pleasure by attending the Cinéscenie. This majestic show gathers more than 2,000 actors on a 23-hectare stage in the open air. It is a imposing show with the interplay of lights and new scenery, which will dazzle you.


We advise you to download the Puy du Fou smartphone application to better organise your day, and especially to be able to attend the maximum number of shows.

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Le Puy Du Fou - Les chevaliers de la table ronde
Le Puy Du Fou - La Cinéscénie

Chosen as the best theme park in the world.


in 2016


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